Backslashinfotech offers high standard website development services. Backslashinfotech is one such centre in the market that provides immensely talented developers fully equipped with web designing knowledge. Our services are outstanding and bring remarkable results to our clients. Hence we have occupied a peak place in the market. We have generated a large base of satisfied clientele across the globe. Our unique services are in huge demand even among offshore clients. Our UI designers are extremely dedicated.


Large number of users has turned to the use of World Wide Web as a tool to conduct a research, compare prices or make simple purchases. Hence it has become easy for the world to have access to your business. For this a simple process is to be followed where traditional business is converted in a modernized business. Modern business is highly profit earning area where it is made a user convenient online domain. This can be done through UI web designing. A user friendly website that stimulates response should be professional. Web designing is one such platform that will maintain competitive status of our clients in the business.


The following reasons will compel you to hire UI Designer from Backslashinfotech:

Works In Association With The Client
Our expert team of UI designers will work in full cooperation of the client. We provide services right from consultation to implementation of ideas so that we can meet particular needs of our clients. We believe in bringing tailored solutions to client’s UI project.

Our developers are gap fillers between the company and its customers. The developers at Backslashinfotech have profound knowledge of coding programs like Java, XML, MySQL, HTML5 etc. We are fully equipped with the latest tools and implement the same in our designs.

Strong Image
Great website design invites enlarged traffic as well as market share because of the revolutionised Web Magnet known as Search Engine Optimisation technology. Due to our unique Web design portfolio, Backslashinfotech has succeeded in enhancing its reputation, acquiring its rank in the search engine, making a distinct brand image, robust and long term relation with our customers and raised profits.

We House Professionals
Our developers are talented professionals. Each of them holds a boasting portfolio certified by a recognized organization. UI designers who have years of experience in this fields only are recruited at Backslashinfotech. Backslashinfotech has served numerous types of industries like Manufacturing, Wholesale, Automotive, Retail, Travel, Banking & Finance and many more.

  • Responsive web design
  • Blog design
  • Custom web/blog design
  • eCommerce site design
  • Mobile site design
  • Corporate branding and identity design
  • Infographic Design

Count on Backslashinfotech’s highly qualified developers by hiring them.