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Magento is an open source web application for promotion of any business through Ecommerce. It possesses high standard functions which brings permanent Ecommerce solutions. Magento is very popular because of its user friendly and ready to use modules which offer too much of flexibility. The best part of Magento is it offers a company to have complete possession over managing the content, layout and functions of its online store.


The following reasons will compel you to Hire Magento Web Developer from Backslashinfotech: Services: Our impeccable Magento Development services include:

  • Design and Develop Magento Ecommerce
  • Develop existing Magento Theme design
  • Bespoke Design of the Landing Page
  • Integrating Payment Gateway
  • Magento Ecommerce Website Development
  • Content Management System Pages
  • Magento Store Management Training
  • Magento skinning
  • Widgets, Buttons & Special Effects
  • Magento Backend Training
  • Distinct methods for shipping
  • Progressive Designs for Magento Theme

Experts: Our developers are expert at various Magento Platforms. They are capable of integrating and customizing Magento into Programs, Themes, Designs and Payment Gateway in Ecommerce website. They have years of experience in this area and render robust services for optimum client satisfaction. They have full-fledged knowledge of various programming languages like Core PHP, MySQL, PHP Zend Framework, HTML5, CSS3, etc. Once hired, the client will get free from all the worries of the project as our programmer takes over the responsibility of the entire project.

Meeting Deadline: Our Magento developers are trained efficiently to meet deadlines. They strive hard to complete the work before time so that if the client demands changes it can be done on time. No matter how less the time is our developers will impart high quality services in cost effective manner.

Emergency Services: Our developers maintain well communication with the client through IM, Skype or Gmail so that they are available at your convenience. With our emergency serving we have generated a large base of offshore satisfied clientele. Hiring Magento developer from Backslashinfotech will enhance productivity of any business conducted online.